"I feel rejuvenated, excited and proud since I decided to take control of my health and wellness. My personal trainer helped me overcome my barriers by providing me with knowledge, caring direction and accountability. The knowledge and guidance from my personal trainer has been life changing. I lost about 14 pounds and my energy level increased tremendously; but the best part was my borderline blood pressure is down and in the healthy range and my A1C, which was in the pre-diabetic range, has dropped to the healthy range.  Accountability was big for me in getting started and my personal trainer made it simple by taking baby steps instead of expecting a 180 degree turn around from what my lifestyle was to what it needed to become; as for continuing on my journey so much information and guidance was provided that it gets engrained in your brain and your self-talk becomes different. Little changes give you great results!"

                                                         -Fit & Well Female Customer

“The guidance and encouragement from my Fit & Well personal trainer has helped me stay on track with healthy eating, weight loss, and exercise.  I enjoy working out at the Fit & Well studio and feel comfortable in the private environment.  I recommend Fit & Well services to anyone who wants to get healthy, feel better, and lose weight.”

  1.                                                       - Fit & Well Female Customer

“I have more energy everyday!  I feel I have more energy for the week.  I really feel more like my old self than I have for a year or two.”

                                                         - Fit & Well Customer, Male, 60+ years old

"When I decided to begin an exercise program, I was looking for a personal trainer who could adapt a program to my specific needs. The personal attention, support and encouragement from my Fit & Well personal trainer has helped me to improve my health and wellness in just three short months. Together, we set reasonable and attainable goals each week, and I believe that I can turn my long term goals into reality. I am now exercising six days per week, my nutrition is much healthier without being too restrictive, I have more energy in the afternoon, I am wearing smaller sized clothing, and discomfort in my back, neck and shoulders has diminished. At a recent doctor's appointment, my doctor was very pleased with my lab results. My cholesterol dropped 23 points, LDL dropped 21 points, vitamin D increased by 11, and my blood pressure is now in a healthy range. Thank you so much. I feel good about everything I've done. But, I feel even better seeing the "scientific" proof of it all."

                                                          -Fit & Well Female Customer, 40 years old

“Working with my personal trainer has given me the motivation and education to stay on track and meet my goals.  I have worked with my personal trainer for 4 months and have better results than I had exercising for 3 years on my own.  I am wearing cuter clothes, smiling more, have more confidence, and like the way I look.  I enjoy hearing my co-workers call me “Skinny Minnie.”  I resoundingly recommend Fit & Well services to anyone who wants to meet their goals the healthy way and make effective lifestyle changes.”

                                                          -Fit & Well Female Customer, 27 years old

“I love my workouts.  I usually meet my personal trainer after work and arrive with  tight back and shoulders, mostly from stress.  When I leave Fit & Well, I feel better orthopedically and I am at peace.”

                                                          - Fit & Well Customer, Medical Doctor, 50+ years

“I am thrilled to return to my favorite sport after an injury and feel great doing it!”

                                                          - Fit & Well Female Customer

"You have to get older, but you don't have to get weaker! Get strong and stay

strong with Fit and Well!"

                                                          - Fit & Well Female Customer

“Kathleen has helped me to greatly improve my posture, strength, balance, and movement issues related to Parkinson’s Disease.  Since working with Kathleen, I feel more secure walking, standing, running, and swimming.”

                                                          - Fit & Well Male Customer


Fit & Well customers have lost over 5,153 lbs. since 2010.

Here’s what our customers are saying about working with Fit & Well personal trainers (out of respect for our customers’ privacy, we do not publish names or photos):

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